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Wildflower Planting in Ocean Township

Isn’t it irritating when you see acres of mature trees leveled for new construction when there are abandoned buildings down the road in need of renovation?  “Forest Bathing” has become increasingly popular in Japan as they believe in the healing…

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Boost Home Values in Your Community

Homeowners who are looking to increase the value of their homes are diligent about upgrading the kitchen and bathrooms, replacing the old roof and maintaining the utilities.  However, there are other amenities that can boost the value of homes that…

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Protect Yourself from Scams & Financial Fraud

Homeowners are diligent about protecting their homes with fences, locks and electronic security systems.  However, there is a different trend of intrusion known as the phone scammers.  Nothing like the IRS calling  for money with a pretty convincing pitch.  Some…

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Condo Corruption: Don’t Be A Victim

Many Jersey Shore residents value the benefits of living in a condominium association.  One of the main perks is not being responsible for outdoor maintenance including landscaping and snow removal.  However, there is a dark side that has recently received…

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