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Keep Your Neighborhood Safe

Keep Your Neighborhood Safe

Home safety should be a top priority.  Practice these tips to help protect your loved ones and maintain a safe neighborhood.  First, get to know your neighbors and exchange contact information.  Communicating regularly with your neighbors will help you identify out-of-the-ordinary or suspicious activity.  Alerting your neighbor with a quick text message may reduce the chances of a potential crime.  Second, maintain your landscape so you can minimize the number of places a suspicious person may want to hide.  Third, be sure to use indoor timers, so the interior of your home is well-lit.  Outdoor lighting is also essential, so consider installing motion-sensor lights to illuminate walkways, driveways and other outdoor areas prone to darkness.  A smart security system will allow you to control lighting and other features remotely.  Fourth, get to know law enforcers from your local police department and consider forming a Neighborhood Watch Program.  You can get one started by conducting a meeting with your local residents at the library, community rec center or clubhouse and invite an officer to speak with your group about detecting suspicious activity and the proper way to take action.  Finally, you may want to consider a home security system/security cameras and display the sign in your landscape.  Your packet may also come with security stickers, so be sure to post them on different windows around the first level of your home.  Practicing these tips and encouraging your neighbors to do the same will help reduce crime, keep people safe and protect your real estate investment.

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