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Real Estate Inspired New Year’s Resolutions

Real Estate Inspired New Year's Resolutions

New Year, New Decade…are you up for some changes to improve the quality of your life? Here are some real estate inspired New Year’s Resolutions for a rewarding new decade:

1. if you are saving for a new home or preparing for some costly repairs, use an APP that will help you customize a reasonable budget
2. minimize the mess, by replacing some of your trinkets and tchochkes with indoor plants as studies show caring for plants may calm the nervous system and naturally purify the air
3. stop procrastinating and budget time to get that project done around the house
4. reduce your screentime and get more sleep so you are well rested for household chores
5. a chaotic home reduces productivity, so get organized
6. develop skills to fix minor problems around the home such as that leaky faucet
7. keep a journal of home-improvement goals for the new year
8. plan a manageable garden for Spring and connect with nature
9. be more diligent about recycling and using organic and/or natural cleaning products
10. get to know your neighbors

These are only 10 real estate inspired tips for a happy home and quality life. Set attainable goals and keep in mind it might take several attempts to get it right, so don’t give up. Together, we can make this the “Rewarding 20′s.”

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