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Functional Kitchen

Functional Kitchen

One of the most important rooms in the house is the kitchen.  Whether you are starting your day with your morning coffee, preparing daily meals or entertaining guests, the kitchen is considered active and versatile living space.  With stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, decorative backsplashes and copper accents, the kitchen can be one of the focal points of an open floor plan.  When house-hunting, an attractive kitchen is key.  However, an attractive and functional kitchen is a nice bonus.  For a fully functional kitchen, consider the following tips.  Look for cabinetry including a pantry that will allow you to easily access your supplies and enough space to store your large pots and platters.  Another suggestion is the convenience of a two-tiered carousel for your corner cabinets.  Seating arrangement should be comfortable not cramped.  A nice extra is to have counter space that also serves as a breakfast bar with stools.  Proper lighting is an essential tool as you slice, dice and saute, but also consider under-the-counter lighting to read recipes and serve as a nightlight when the cleaning is complete.  A space saving tip is to mount the microwave under cabinetry if possible.  You’ll appreciate the extra counter space.  Whether you are looking for a new home or plan to renovate your existing kitchen, hire a kitchen designer for more tips and to help you create a customized kitchen triangle to best suit your needs and living space.

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