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Open House Schedule for January 26th

Open House Schedule for January 26th

There are many benefits to attending an open house.  First, buyers have an opportunity to realistically see what they can afford in the housing market as you drive through the neighborhood.  Second, you will be able to ask your real estate related questions to a licensed realtor.  Third, you will learn more about your needs with regard to amenities once you actually preview homes.  For instance, after visiting several single family homes, you may decide you actually prefer a townhome, where maintenance such as lawn-care and snow removal is included.  Now that I’ve convinced you to attend a few open houses this weekend, here are some tips on etiquette.  You may be asked to remove your shoes or wear shoe guards, which should be provided by the agent.  Be sure to follow the “sign-in” instructions and introduce yourself to the realtor.  If other perspective buyers are present, respect their privacy and give them some space.  Here is a list of Open Houses scheduled for 1/26…have fun!  Be sure to check this blog again for updates on future open house schedules.

Asbury Park

1002 Sunset Ave                     11am-3pm                    Single Family

9 St James Place                     12pm-3pm                   Single Family


604 ½ 12th Ave                        2pm-4pm                     Single Family

316 16th Ave                            12:30pm-3:30pm         Single Family

205 12th Ave                            12pm-2:30pm              Single Family

210 8th Ave                                1pm-3pm                     Single Family              

Bradley Beach

1006 Madison Ave                  1pm-3pm                     Single Family

409 Burlington Ave               1pm-3pm                     Single Family


6 Fieldstone Court                       1pm-3pm                 Single Family

147 Waypoint Dr                          1pm-3pm                  Townhouse

20 Oxford Ln                                1pm-3pm                   Single Family

Freehold Boro

13 Union Ave                           1pm-3pm                     Single Family

112 Broad St                            1pm-3pm                     Single Family

Freehold Twp

139 Kentucky Way                   1pm-3pm                     Single Family

76 Braeton Way                       1pm-3pm                     Single Family

2 Coachman Dr                        12pm-2pm                   Single Family

142 Townsend Dr                    2pm-4pm                     Single Family

132 Overbrook Dr                    12pm-3pm                   Single Family

959 Waterworks Rd                 12pm-2pm                   Single Family

109 Tilton Dr                            12pm-3pm                   Single Family

110 Waterworks Rd                 1pm-3pm                     Single Family

270 Concord Dr                       1pm-3pm                     Single Family

25 Nottingham Way                1pm-4pm                     Single Family

103 Rutgers Way                     12pm-3pm                   Single Family

489 E Freehold Rd                  12pm-4pm                   Single Family

20 Trinity Pl                             1pm-4pm                     Single Family

27 Hanging Rock Rd              1pm-4pm                     Single Family


336 Locust Ave                        12pm-2:30pm              Single Family

7 Maple Ln                               11am-1pm                     Single Family

41 Wilson Drive                       1pm-4pm                     Single Family

249 Belmar Blvd                       12pm-3pm                  Single Family

51 Jennifer Dr                         12pm-2pm                    Single Family

53 Alan Ter                              1pm-3pm                       Single Family

67 Concord Cir                         1pm-3pm                     Single Family

2 Patterson Dr                         1pm-3pm                     Single Family

15 Higgins Court                      12pm-2pm                   Single Family

45 Newtons Corner Rd           1pm-3pm                     Single Family

2 Mcqueen Blvd                       12pm-3pm                   Single Family

8 Larrabee Blvd                       1pm-4pm                     Single Family

65 Pemberton Pl                      1pm-2:30pm                Single Family

245 Thoroughbred Dr              1pm-3pm                     Single Family

11 Natures Dr                          1pm-3pm                       Single Family

5 Natures Drive                        1pm-3pm                     Single Family

572 Brickyard Rd                     11am-2pm                    Single Family

21 Gumani Ct                           1pm-3pm                      Single Family

Long Branch

445 Hampton Ave            12pm-2pm                         Single Family

22 N 5th Ave                        1pm-3pm                          Single Family

105 Jeroleman Ave          1pm-3pm                          Single Family

562 Manahasset                12pm-3pm                      Single Family

Neptune City

92 Ridge Terrace               1pm-3pm                       Single Family

916 4th Ave                           1pm-3pm                     Single Family

Neptune Twp

302 Elm Dr                           1pm-3pm                     Single Family

808 Stamford Dr               12pm-2pm                     Single Family

119 Bennett Rd                    1pm-3pm                     Single Family

113 Webb Ave                       1pm-3pm                     Single Family

1 Victoria Ln                         1pm-4pm                     Single Family

3 Victoria Ln                        1pm-4pm                     Single Family

110 Beverly Way                  1pm-4pm                     Single Family

506 W Concourse                1pm-3pm                     Single Family

133 Abbott Ave                     1pm-3pm                     Single Family

Ocean Township

1020 Raymere Ave              1pm-3pm                     Single Family

12 William Ln                        2pm-4pm                   Single Family

13 Middlebrook Dr              1pm-3pm                     Single Family

1 Naomi Road                       12pm-2pm                 Single Family

8 Devon Ct                            12pm-3pm                   Single Family

23 Lambert Johnson Dr      1pm-3pm                     Single Family

11 Oak Tree Ln                       12pm-3pm                   Single Family

14 Hartshorne Rd                 12pm-2pm                   Single Family

1 Shinnecock Hills Dr          12pm-3pm                   Single Family

7 Overhill Rd                          1pm-3pm                     Single Family

10 Malke Dr                            12pm-2pm                   Single Family

203 Cliftwood Rd                  2pm-4pm                     Single Family

708 Corlies Ave                       12pm-2pm                   Single Family

25 Buckingham Dr                   12pm-2pm                   Single Family

104 Cold Indian Springs Rd     1pm-3pm                     Single Family

Tinton Falls

23 Terry Ln                              1pm-3pm                     Single Family

4 Thresher Ct                          1pm-3pm                     Single Family

6 Crown Ct                               1pm-4pm                     Single Family

Wall Twp

1705 Winston Dr                     1pm-3pm                     Single Family

1600 Bailey Rd                        1pm-3pm                     Single Family

1711 I Street                              1pm-3pm                     Single Family

3455 Woodfield Ave                1pm-3pm                     Single Family

2312 Ramshorne Dr                12pm-3pm                   Single Family

1601 Cammar Dr                      12pm-3pm                   Single Family

2394 Sycamore St                    1pm-3pm                     Single Family

3243 Rambling Hill Ct            1pm-3pm                     Single Family

1550 Holly Blvd                        1pm-3pm                     Single Family

1354 Old Farm Rd                   1pm-3pm                     Single Family

3111 Allaire Rd                          1pm-3pm                     Single Family

West Long Branch

11 Dennis Pl                            1pm-3pm                     Single Family

26 Wall St                                12pm-3pm                   Single Family

14 Fulton Ave                          1pm-3pm                     Single Family

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